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The best draught services for the best draught systems, maintenance, and customer service.

Our Draught Beer Services

Beer Tech is your trusted provider of reliable, professional draught services. We specialize in draught system installation and maintenance, gas delivery , and special event services.  Our focus on customer satisfaction is what keeps us busy. Whether you’re a bar or restaurant, a cool office, or rec room residential bar, Beer Tech delivers the best products and truly exceptional service.

Draught Services

Whether you need to dispense draught, cider, cocktails, wine-on-tap, cold brew, or all of the above, we’ll craft a solution to suit your location and needs.

Beer Towers

If you don’t see what you want in our suppliers’ catalogues, we’ll find the right company to build it for you.

Kegerator Beer & Fridge Rentals

From full-system draught fridges to back-bar fridges and portable kegerators, we work with a range of suppliers to source the equipment that’s right for your space.

Beer Tech - Expect the Best

At Beer Tech, when we say expect the best we mean all the time. Expect the best pour out of a draught system we designed to meet your needs. Expect the best flavour with properly cleaned and maintained taps and draught lines. Expect the best customer service every time we walk through your door.

Order Beer Gas

Whether you need beer gas or CO2, Beer Tech’s gas delivery service will keep your system running. To avoid running out of gas, always have a backup cylinder onsite. When your current cylinder runs out, replace it with the backup and order a replacement cylinder.

  • We deliver gas on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.
  • Gas orders submitted before 8am will be delivered same day.
  • Please call to arrange emergency deliveries, do not use this form.

Our Draught System Installs

We’ve worked with industry leaders across the region designing, installing, and maintaining draught systems. Our custom towers, kegerators, and systems appear in the best bars, restaurants, tap rooms, businesses, and homes.

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