Our Team

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Ken Greer


Ken founded Beer Tech in 2013 to offer Nova Scotian bars, breweries, and restaurants a higher level of draught system service. Thanks to his 15 years in the hospitality industry, he understands what restaurant and bar owners need from their draught system and their draught system technicians.  

When he’s not focused on his clients, you’ll probably find him exploring Cow Bay with his pit bulls.

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Bill Fahie

Lead Service Technician

Bill’s our lead tech for a reason. With years in our industry, and prior experience in sign installation, he knows how to troubleshoot virtually any situation. He’s the first person we send in to evaluate your system and the last person to sign off on every install.

When you see him, ask him about the kegerator and tower he built for his garage using reclaimed wood and vintage piping.

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Kim Hart Macneill

Operations Manager

Kim brings her years of experience in journalism and writing about craft beer to the team at Beer Tech. In addition to handling our marketing and social media, she works with all of our clients to schedule our monthly cleanings and ensures our installs finish on time.

In her downtime, you’ll probably find her home brewing in her backyard.

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Marcus Kessler

Service Technician

Marcus joined our team with two-years prior experience in the industry. His favourite part of the job is cruising down the highway to service our rural customers.

When he’s not on the road, Marcus enjoys D&D and hopes to get back into blacksmithing soon.

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Barry Banks

Service Technician

Barry brings his experience of working in a craft production brewery along with a background in logistics. His love of craft beer began with home brewing hoppy ales but quickly blossomed into a love for the brewing process and an appreciation of all styles.

When Barry isn’t working on something beer related you will probably find him on a disc golf course, where he is likely still talking about beer.

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Matt New

Service Technician

Matt brings a love of home brewing and 2 years as a service technician to the team. He’s always down to discover the root of a service issue and troubleshoot it.

When he’s not at work, you’ll find him hanging out with his wife and small menagerie of pets.