Services for Breweries & Cideries

The Best Draught Systems for Craft Brewers

We clean taps for all Nova Scotian breweries, cideries and distilleries. We can build your taproom or supply glycol decks and gas options for your brew system.

Whether you need to dispense draught, cider, cocktails, wine-on-tap, cold brew or all of the above, we’ll craft a solution to suit your location and needs.

If you don’t see what you want in our suppliers’ catalogues, we’ll find the right company to build it for you.

From full-system draught fridges to back-bar fridges and portable kegerators, we work with a range of suppliers to source the equipment that’s right for your space.

Beer Tech draught services installation

Cleaning and Maintenance

Monthly and bi-monthly services are available for your location and all of your taps across Nova Scotia. We work with a partner company in New Brunswick to ensure that your taps across the border get the same love as those at home.

Draught Systems and Dispensing

From finding the right specs for your location to meeting your aesthetic needs, we will help you build the bar of your dreams from fridge to faucet.

Hospitality & Beer Gas

The size of your outfit changes your gas needs. Whether you're looking for monthly gas delivery, the installation of a bulk CO2 system or a nitrogen generator/blender, we have you covered.


From filling solutions to washing stations, we'll keep your growlers sparkling.

Glycol Draught Chillers

Temperature control is key in your brewery. We'll work with you to ensure your glycol system is right for your needs, and installed with precision. 

Cleaning Cans & Accessories

Rinsing your lines between keg changes can help avoid off flavours in your beer. We offer wall mount and portable systems to help you keep your beer tasting fresh between cleanings.

Branded Coolers

You've worked hard to build your brand. We can help you show it off with a branded kegerator, glass-door merchandiser or jockey box.

Draught and Liquor Metering

Knowing how much you pour each day can help with inventory control and aid in monitoring changes in your business over time. 

Plus more

Nitrogen generators and blenders, drip trays, glass rinsers, casks and cask engines and eco-friendly water solutions.